The Jihadist Genocide of Christians in Nigeria Intensifies (Islam we are at war 001 Video)

I had my video Islam we are at war 001 removed and labeled as hate speech on a few social media/ video platforms. Meanwhile Jihad and genocide of Christians and other non Moslems not only runs rampant but this evil cult of intimidation, subjugation, death and destruction is pandered to and praised by lily livered “elected leaders” such as election thief Joe Biden. Wake up people. Your choices are few. Stand and fight (defeat Islam), submit or die.

Islam we are at war 001

boudica us Published September 26, 2021

How Bad Is the Taliban? (Video)

How Bad Is the Taliban?

Aug 16, 2021


How bad is the Taliban? Graphic video footage shows Afghan men clinging to the side of a U.S. Air Force jet to escape the Taliban. David Wood discusses the issue.

Taliban Jihadis Seizing Girls as “Spoils of War” in Afghanistan (Video)


Taliban Jihadis Seizing Girls as “Spoils of War” in Afghanistan

Aug 12, 2021


As U.S. troops leave Afghanistan, Taliban jihadis are going door-to-door in the cities and towns they conquer, taking women and girls as “spoils of war.” Experts say that Kabul could fall to the Taliban in the next month. David Wood discusses the issue.

“9 Shocking Facts From the Quran” DEBUNKED (Video)

“9 Shocking Facts From the Quran” DEBUNKED

Jul 19, 2021

Apostate Prophet

A Muslim told me that some Non-Muslims have beautiful reactions to an Islamic propaganda video. So I have decided to watch the video and to react too. 00:00 Milking 00:36 1. Life From Water 03:25 2. Allah Sent Iron Down 05:26 3. Protective Sky 06:55 4. Mountains Are Stakes 08:07 5. Expanding Universe 09:18 6. Sun Orbits the Milky Way 11:00 7. Ocean and Waves 11:25 8. Lying Forelocks 13:24 9. SKIN PERCEIVES PAIN WOW!!!
(auto-upload) Outro visual made by Egyptian Atheist (…)

“Muhammad Cartoon” Artist Kurt Westergaard Dead at 86 (Video)

“Muhammad Cartoon” Artist Kurt Westergaard Dead at 86

Jul 20, 2021


Kurt Westergaard, famous for his “Muhammad Cartoon” for the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, is now dead at 86. For the New York Times article quoted in this video (“Kurt Westergaard, 86, Dies; His Muhammad Cartoon Sparked Outrage”), click here:…

The Sharia and the US Constitution (Video)

 The Sharia and the US Constitution

Jul 1, 2021

Political Islam

One of the ways to understand the Sharia is to contrast it the US Constitution. More and more Muslims are being elected to political offices. Every candidate (Muslim and Kafir) should be asked the questions found in this video.

Mila Foresees Her Islamic Execution: ‘I Will Be Burned to a Crisp, My Leg Blown Off, or Dead’ (Video)

Mila Foresees Her Islamic Execution: ‘I Will Be Burned to a Crisp, My Leg Blown Off, or Dead’

RAIRFoundationUSA Published June 22, 2021

RumbleSee the full story at RAIR Foundation USA:

A 16-year-old girl could not critique Islam without being threatened with rape, slaughter, or decapitation in Islamized France; she is out of school, under 24-hour police protection, and isolated from society. continue reading:

Islam! Change my mind 001 (Video)

Add Post Islam! Change my mind 001

boudica us Published June 12, 2021

Every day we can read of the atrocities against humanity committed by Moslems in the name of Islam. I would like someone to explain to me why I should embrace Islam, Moslems as peaceful and able to co exist with the norms of western civilization. Hit one of my sites, It’s a Moslem thing or any of my other sites. There are many links to follow.

Why Nobody Likes Islam (Video)

H/T It’s a Moslem thing

Why Nobody Likes Islam

Jun 9, 2021

Apostate Prophet

Muslims often claim that everybody dislikes Islam. They are right. They don’t really seem to understand why nobody likes Islam, however. Here are 10 reasons.

It’s a Moslem Thing 6-12-2021

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This Day in History

On This Day…
Jun 12, 2016: Raqqa, Syria
Showing extraordinary devotion to Allah, a caliphate member
executes his own brother for apostasy: 1 Killed