Video: Raymond Ibrahim Webinar on 14 Centuries of Radical Islam – Frontpagemag

Not Radical Islam, simply Moslems following in the footsteps of Muhammad, Mohhammad or whatever it;s name is.
Video: Raymond Ibrahim Webinar on 14 Centuries of Radical Islam – Frontpagemag
Video: Raymond Ibrahim Webinar on 14 Centuries of Radical Islam – Frontpagemag
Connecting past, present and future.

Video: Raymond Ibrahim Webinar on 14 Centuries of Radical Islam


FEATURING: Raymond Ibrahim – Author, public speaker, and Middle East and Islam specialist About this webinar: Has Islam changed, or has the West? What is the real nature of Islamism and the Islamist threat? With us to discuss this, is renowned scholar Raymond Ibrahim.

Germany: Muslim ‘known to police’ screams ‘I’ll kill you all, Allahu akbar,’ cops search for motive

Germany: Muslim ‘known to police’ screams ‘I’ll kill you all, Allahu akbar,’ cops search for motive. Search for motive? WTF, the motive is Islam and the perpetrators are Moslem! Search for motive answered.

Germany: Muslim ‘known to police’ screams ‘I’ll kill you all, Allahu akbar,’ cops search for motive – via

Germany: Muslim ‘known to police’ screams ‘I’ll kill you all, Allahu akbar,’ cops search for motive
“So far there is no information about the motivation.” Yeah, it’s a total mystery. No wonder authorities in the West are getting away with pretending that there is a “far-right” terrorism threat that…

Germany: Muslim ‘known to police’ screams ‘I’ll kill you all, Allahu akbar,’ cops search for motive

“So far there is no information about the motivation.”

Yeah, it’s a total mystery. No wonder authorities in the West are getting away with pretending that there is a “far-right” terrorism threat that is greater than the jihad threat. When incidences of jihad happen, authorities pretend not to know what they are.

“Frankfurt International Airport evacuated as armed police swoop on suspect ‘dumping a suitcase and shouting “Allahu Akbar,”‘ by Emily Webber, Mailonline, January 16, 2021 (thanks to Marc):

A man sparked a mass evacuation and armed response at a German airport when he shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ after police confronted him for not wearing a face mask.

The 38-year-old man, from Slovenia, acted aggressively towards police at Frankfurt International Airport when police approached him for not wearing a face mask at around 5.16pm today.

The man shouted, ‘I will kill you all, Allahu Akbar’, before he abandoned his luggage and attempted to flee the scene.

Jihad Watch read more

The Real Nature Of Islam

The Real Nature Of Islam


By London Member and Islamic Scholar Mary Andrew.

A PDF version of this article can be downloaded at the end of the text.

A while ago, on a BBC daytime TV discussion programme, Professor Richard Dawkins
extracted from an imam the admission that the correct punishment under Islam for apostasy is death – which is all you need to know to understand that Islam is a fascistic political ideology, not a matter of voluntary faith, and the enemy of human rights. The imam, uncomfortable about letting slip an inconvenient truth about Islam – and its refutation of the foundational human rights to freedom of speech and belief – disingenuously said that he didn’t know why Dawkins cared, since the penalty couldn’t be applied in a non-Islamic country like ] Britain. But of course he did know why we care about the death penalty for apostasy, and that for blasphemy, enforced by terrorism and fear in Europe – and about the thousands of other Islamic atrocities across the world, which continue year on year. We care because we care about all the suffering caused by human rights abuses. And because of a realistic fear among many of us that we too could be forced into submission to Islam.

Both jihad and Islamic laws sanctioning human rights abuses are enshrined in the Shariah, the Islamic code of government, law and social order, rooted in Islamic doctrine. Politicians and press interrogate the ideological roots of the rare instances of far-right terrorism, as they did after the appalling murder of 50 Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand. But there is an almost surreal determination to avoid the same scrutiny of Islam after Islamic atrocities – and a disproportionate focus on reassuring Muslim communities after any attack perpetrated by Muslims. The official reaction calls Islamic terror “senseless”, averts attention from its Islamic features, and denies it has anything to do with “true” Islam. It’s based on misinterpretation, the “perversion of a great faith”. It’s attributed, if not to mental illness, then to “radicalism”, “extremism”, “Islamism” – the last of which used to just mean the practice of the doctrine ofIslam, but is now redefined as an aberration separate from Islam.

You can’t do this and be honest about Islamic doctrine, and its exposition in the Shariah. So, from fear and political calculation, no one asks whether Shariah itself is “a perversion of a great faith” – or rather the authentic expression of theocratic evil. Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s most egregious abusers of human rights, suppresses all opposition to its government and Shariah, regularly conducts public beheadings (37, and a crucifixion, in one day last year), and commits many other human rights abuses (including the horrifying treatment of migrant workers during the Covid crisis). But almost all of this is ignored, for political and economic reasons, and Saudi Arabia was accepted onto the UN Human Rights Committee, with the shameful support of our government – despite that country’s refusal to adhere to the UN’s own Universal Declaration of Human Rights, logically the minimum requirement for membership. For Britain read more

PDF file The Real Nature Of Islam

Islam the “Master Faith” (Not)

Islam, an evil cult of intimidation, subjugation, death and destruction.
Islam the “Master Faith”
Islam the “Master Faith”

The Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Athens and of all Greece Ieronymos, during an interview last week said that Islam was not a religion but a political party. “They are the people of war.”

Islamic expert Raymond Ibrahim recently showed that the number of Christians persecuted in 2020 were approximately. Of the top fifty countries where the persecution of Christians is at its worse — North Korea slightly edged out Afghanistan — thirty-nine of them are either from “Islamic oppression” or is occurring in Muslim majority nations. The overwhelming majority of these countries are governed by some form of sharia (Islamic law). “It is either directly enforced,” says Ibrahim, “by government or society or, more frequently, both, although societies — family members in particular — tend to be more zealous in its application.”

This is because Islam was not  exclusively founded as a religion but as a socio-political entity that assumed certain religious traits from the Hebrew Scriptures and a portion of apocryphal Christian writings.

The genesis of Islam was inextricably tied with the formation of a sovereign society that was inherently universal and imperialist. Temporal and religious powers, which were both one and the same, were combined in the person of Muhammad as Prophet, who claimed that Allah invested him with this authority. Hence, the reason he assumed altogether the role of head of state and head of the religion, which permitted him to cloak his political ambitions with a religious aura. Consequently, he channeled Islam’s energies into its instrument of aggressive expansion, there being no internal organism of equal force to counterbalance it. As the historian Patricia Crone put it, “Muhammad offered a program of Arab state formation and conquest: the creation of an umma, the initiation of jihad.” In fact, he was a prophet with a political quest and not, as is so often presented, a prophet who just happened to become involved with politics.

The Islamic surge and the subsequent evolution of its culture can best be comprehended if one sees religion, in this particular instance, as satisfying the identifiable social needs of the people.

As I explain in my book  Islam: Religion of Peace? – The Violation of Natural Rights and Western Cover-Up, Muhammad designed a new monotheism fitted to the contemporary demands of tribal society. To this purpose, he adapted current ideas and furnished a rationale for the Arabs to see themselves as the chosen people with a mission to convert or conquer the world, enabling them to actualize the transition from polytheism to monotheism simultaneously with its passage from tribalism to nationhood to internationalism, while still remaining tribal to this day.

At the very center of the umma (Islamic community) was going to be a transfer of authority, from empire to the Prophet. From the early stages of Muhammad’s teaching during the Medinan period (622-632 AD), his goal was to form out of tribal alliances — from the Arab tribes, not Jews or Christians — a new ethnic chosen people impelled by his own concept of a moral mission. Even though Judaism had proclaimed an all-embracing ethical law, and Christianity a spiritual and universal brotherhood, neither objectively confronted the problem of military power and political authority, for they both accepted life under alien pagan rule.

The conclusive analysis that Muslims are more susceptible to Islamic terrorism is an incomplete picture of the problem. Muslims abuse and kill each other over doctrinal conflicts at an alarming rate. Most of that violence and oppression, in fact, is not terrorism per se but rather comes from sectarian violence, military conflicts, and government crackdowns on religious minorities; nearly two-hundred-seventy-million have been killed since its inception fourteen hundred years ago: one-hundred-twenty-million Africans during the slave trade, sixty-million Christians, eighty-million Hindus, and ten million Buddhists. While the number of Jews killed in jihad does not significantly affect the final tally, the jihad in Arabia against them has been 100 percent effective.

There are many prominent individuals today who hold that Islam is a “religion of peace” — a term that came into use in modern times when Islamists ceased being aggressors and portrayed themselves as victims after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. This, of course, is sustained by the Muslims who seek to promote harmony.

The paradox is that while there are many passages in the Quran and the hadiths that speak of goodness and clemency, there are also verses calling for violence, presenting Muhammad as a military figure as opposed to a prophet. The truth of the matter is that Muhammad, as presented by the Islamic sources, personally participated or deputized eighty-six battles: an average of nine-plus battles a year, and they culminated in intensity until he died. faithfreedom/org read more

Wasted Lives

Wasted Lives
Wasted Lives
By: Tabitha Korol The Muslim Brotherhood produced The Project, a document that contains its plan for radical Islam to infiltrate and dominate the west. Among their aspirations is to make “Pale…

Wasted Lives

By: Tabitha Korol

The Muslim Brotherhood produced The Project, a document that contains its plan for radical Islam to infiltrate and dominate the west. Among their aspirations is to make “Palestinians” a cause célèbre, and to instigate a constant campaign of inciting hatred against Jews, by any means. As a member of BDS (Boycott Divestment, Sanctions) and SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine), Susan Abulhawa, a jihada, advocates the economic and civilizational destruction of Israel. The inexact and skewed information in her book, Mornings in Jenin, is Da’wa, a strategy of silent jihad, designed to delegitimize Israel and invite Muslims to accept Islam as a peaceful religion.***

Following their Prophet, Muslims may never accept the world’s transformation after the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire and the birth of Israel. To delegitimize Israel, they must maintain that Palestine and Palestinians have always existed, yet there is no documentation of any governance, language, customs, currency, artifacts, or date and cause of its demise. These are Bedouin Arabs descended from nomads of the Arabian Peninsula and Syrian Desert living in Judea and Samaria, who yielded to the armies’ directions and were then abandoned, leaving their abused, traumatized children to wage jihad – Holy War. Abulhawa’s book follows the lives of four generations of the fictional terrorist family of Yehya Mohammad Abulheja.

In each generation, the Abulheja family is bound to wage jihad and establish their god’s authority on the earth. “The Holy War (Islamic Jihad) in Islamic Jurisprudence is basically an offensive war. . . the duty of Muslims in every age . . .” This story’s oldest generation, Grandfather Yehya traces his ties to the land since 1189, AD, its founding attributed to a general of Saladin’s. Had he gone further back, he’d have discovered the Jewish Kingdom that lasted for thousands of years, beginning with the reign of King Saul, 11th c. BCE. Had he gone forward, he’d have had to contend with the Saladin dynasty’s conquest by the Mamluks.

In 1953, Yehya dons his newly whitened clothes and his Bedouin kafiyyah. As an aside, I recognize this as the same attire worn by U.S. Army Major Hasan on his murderous rampage at Fort Hood on November 5, 2009. Despite his son’s plea to stay, Yehya leaves Jenin refugee camp for Ein Hod, returning with olives and fruit from property he owned years before. On his second foray, he is killed by residents of the artists’ colony, hailed as a martyr as his body is returned to his home by the Red Crescent. The author is deceptive with half-truths. Yehye did not have his clothes whitened for harvest. His first trip would have been an investigative mission. Though not disclosed, we can be certain that he was armed for his second venture, dressed for holy war, and prepared to die as a shahada, a martyr. Trevor Loudon read more

Why Islam Is Definitely Wrong (Video)

Why Islam Is Definitely Wrong

Jan 15, 2021

Apostate Prophet

The religion of Allah is very fragile when it comes to some basic theology, and every Muslim has some simple questions that remain unanswered. Let us expose them and show how weak Islam is.

The Violent, Racist Content Twitter Won’t Ban (Video)

The Violent, Racist Content Twitter Won’t Ban

Jan 14, 2021


Amazon recently banned Parler, because Parler hosted violent and racist content. What happens when we examine Twitter and search for similar content? Let’s find out.

Measuring Mohammed, My New Book (Video)

Measuring Mohammed, My New Book

Jan 14, 2021

Political Islam… My approach to learning about Islam is to use fact-based reasoning and not opinions of “experts.” The only experts we need to consider are Mohammed and Allah. So I use the three doctrinal texts of Islam, the Koran, the words of Allah, the Hadith or Traditions of Mohammed, and the Sira, his biography, to examine the doctrine that refers to non-Muslims or Kafirs. This is the basis of the method I used to write my books. After I wrote my books on the doctrine of Political Islam, I sent out weekly newsletters about how this doctrine shaped and caused Muslims’ speech and actions. This is an important learning step, because you can never fully understand Political Islam until you see how it works in the world. I do not mock or condemn Muslims or Islam. However, I am an on-going critic of the apologists who speak and do not know or want to know. Measuring Mohammed is an eye-opening and insightful look into the inner-workings of Islamic doctrine as it pertains to those of us who aren’t Muslim believers. This book addresses a problem that confronts many nations today, a 1,400 year old problem that is not going away anytime soon. Read it and you will understand the nature of the problem and how we can solve it.…

Muslim Imam Beaten to Death for Converting to Christianity (Video)

Islam, the “Religion of Peace” that Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi want more of in the USA.

Muslim Imam Beaten to Death for Converting to Christianity

Jan 12, 2021


On November 30th, 2020, a Muslim imam in Uganda converted to Christianity. A week later, he was beaten to death by a mob. For the International Christian Concern article quoted in this video (“Christian Convert in Uganda Killed”), click here:…

Three Men Sentenced to Death for Blasphemy in Pakistan (Coming Soon to the West?) (Video)

The protected people of Joe Biden, the Democrats

Three Men Sentenced to Death for Blasphemy in Pakistan (Coming Soon to the West?)

Jan 10, 2021


Three men in Pakistan were just convicted of blasphemy and sentenced to death for social media posts. For the Al Jazeera article quoted in this video (“Pakistan court sentences three to death for blasphemy”), click here:…
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