Congress do the right thing 003

Congress do the right thing 003


boudica us Published September 4, 2021

RumbleNumber 3 in Congress do the right thing.This is not a democrat republican issue. This is stand for America, Save our republic. Do the right thing. For once stand for America and the American citizen, American exceptionalism.

Congress do the right thing 002 (Video)

 Congress do the right thing 002

boudica us Published August 31, 2021 8 Views

RumbleCongress do the right thing. Get rid of Pelosi as speaker of the house and elect Donald Trump speaker. Impeach and remove Biden and Harris. Trump as speakers steps into the presidency. Elect Newt Gingrich speaker of the house. Share and comment please.

Congress do the right thing 001 (Video)

Congress do the right thing 001

boudica us Published August 31, 2021

RumbleCongress do the right thing 001

Biden’s Empty Words Cost American Lives (Video)

Biden’s Empty Words Cost American Lives

boudica us Published August 30, 2021

RumbleBiden’s Empty Words Cost American Lives

Biden, an empty suit with empty words and empty actions. The democrat party and all who voted for Biden bear responsibility for the Joe Biden clusterfuck in Afghanistan.

The Problem Biden. The Question What To Do. The Answer?

The Problem Biden. The Question What To Do. The Answer?


Terrifying Compilation: AOC’s Democratic Socialists of America (Video)

Terrifying Compilation: AOC’s Democratic Socialists of America

RAIRFoundationUSA Published April 27, 2021

America is giving away the government and our institutions to communists. Many members of congress are allies of DSA, and some, like AOC, actively promotes their vision of global communism.

RAIR has compiled a startling collection of statements made by Marxists – including elected officials, union leaders and powerful international communists – during the Democratic Socialists of America’s (DSA) convention.

A reporter challenges @PressSec on not releasing the number of breakthrough covid cases among WH staffers: (Video)

Add Post A reporter challenges @PressSec on not releasing the number of breakthrough covid cases among WH staffers:

And so it begins 001 (Video)

boudicaus And so it begins 001

boudica us Published July 12, 2021 1 Views

NY passed Senate Bill 416 Assembly Bill A416. Don’t believe it stops with me. You are next. Wake up. Read and learn from history Don;t allow history to be erased and believe the sugar coated, Politically Correct Bullshit being promoted today.

Subject: Fwd: Illegal safe house in Arizona…..

Via Freedom Social

Add PostSubject: Fwd: Illegal safe house in Arizona…..
I entered ” Illegal safe house in Arizona” into Google and got a Phoenix News Times article dated June 3,2021 that elaborates on this activity and demonstrations that may interest you and further confidence to also forward this entire message.

———- Forwarded message ———

Date: Fri, Jul 9, 2021 at 2:13 PM

Subject: Illegal safe house in Arizona…..
A disturbing discovery was recently made in Scottsdale, Arizona.
A reporter received an interesting tip-off.
Here’s what he found.
On Monday night, TGP’s Jordan Conradson investigated the Homewood Suites in Scottsdale, Arizona after receiving a tip that it was an illegal immigrant safe house. The hotel is located at 9880 N Scottsdale Rd .
When Conradson arrived at the hotel, every entrance was barricaded, and he had to park down the street. He walked up to the hotel and greeted some officers.

This is incredible.
There’s a safe house for illegal immigrants being secretly maintained without our knowledge – until now.
Conradson did some digging.
Conradson: what’s going on here?
LES Officer: You actually need to leave the property it’s actually a closed hotel.
Conradson: Oh, so what’s going on?
LES Officer: This is a private property man.
Conradson: But what’s going on?
LES Officer: If you want to get information for that you need to go to
Conradson: I heard that they were harboring illegal immigrants here. Is that true?
LES Officer: You can go to the endeavors.orgwebsite and they’ll give you as much information as they can.
Conradson: Who do you work for?
LES Officer: I’m contracted with LES, it’s a law enforcement contract service company.
Conradson: Why aren’t people allowed on the premises?
LES Officer: You can go to to get information for that other than that this is closed this is private property from the company that’s here.
The Gateway Pundit

Guess what the story behind Endeavors is…
ENDEAVORS.ORG is the website for Family Endeavors, a San Antonio nonprofit tied to the Biden administration. They received an $87 million no-bid contract in March to clothe and shelter illegal immigrants. They then received ANOTHER contract for $530 MILLION shortly after.

It’s all been masterminded by the Biden Administration right under the noses of Americans living in Scottsdale.

But there’s more.
A Selrico Services food van pulled out of the parking lot. Selrico is a food service company that is also based in San Antonio. They must be contracted to provide food for those in this country illegally.

So not only are these illegal aliens being housed at taxpayer expense, they’re being fed at our expense too!
They get all this free and then we’re sent the bill through taxation.
Conradson wanted to find out who specifically was organising all this.

Conradson called the local police station since he could not get any answers from the representatives at the hotel.
Conradson: I would like to know what is going on at the Homewood Suites on Scottsdale Rd. and Mountainview. Do you have any information about what’s going on there?
Dispatcher: Nothing outside of the fact that it’s being monitored by ICE and that we have police presence there from other agencies 24/7.
Conradson: Who is managing the hotel?
Dispatcher: I don’t have that information exactly
Conradson: But ICE is in there 24/7?
Dispatcher: Yeah, it’s being monitored by them and outside agencies.
Conradson: Do you know what the outside agencies are?
Dispatcher: I think it’s just a mix of all Arizona state agencies.
Conradson: Are they communicating with you on how many people they’re bringing into Scottsdale, into the hotel?
Dispatcher: I don’t have any specifics on it
Conradson: Where do I find more information?
Dispatcher: You could try to look up any of the ICE numbers online and see if they give any further.
Conradson: Do you have any information on exactly what’s going on? I mean obviously, they’re harboring illegal immigrants, but do you know anything else?
Dispatcher: No we don’t have any further.

The Deep State inside Arizona is a part of this, and so is ICE and the police.
It’s all one unified effort to keep this a secret from the American people.

Here’s exactly what is at stake.

This is atrocious. Over 600 MILLION DOLLARS are funding this operation to flood red counties with illegal residents and brand new Democrat voters, and it’s costing the taxpayers money and it’s putting the American people in DANGER.
Instead of protecting American citizens, officers are being paid by our tax dollars to protect non-citizens who are invading our communities.

The globalist elites who govern this country are attempting to change the population so that it votes in the way that they prefer.
They don’t care about any of the Americans currently living here, they just want to replace them with people from other countries.
And they’re doing their best to keep it under wraps.
So share this article far and wide to raise awareness about what they’re doing, and let’s hope we can put a stop to this!

I hope you read this article completely. These are our tax dollars going to waste…so the Democrats can get more votes.