The US debt ceiling crisis

The US debt ceiling crisis

Don’t expect the administration or members of Congress to solve the “Debt ceiling crisis”. They’re the same assholes that created it.

Biden’s build back better?

Biden’s build back better?

Can anyone tell what Biden has built back better other than better relations between Latin America, Africa, the Mid East, parts of Asia and Europe with China and Russia.

He has destroyed American energy independence.

He has pretty much depleted the strategic petroleum reserve.

He has gotten us into an Ukranian clusterfuck.

Our freedoms are disappearing while he is burying us in debt.

He is leading us into a world of LGBTQ perversion while promising a green new world of unicorns and rainbows.

Government COVID policies were an unnecessary nightmare of unconstitutional, asinine mandates of lockdowns, masking, vaccines and bullying to comply.

Feel free to add to the list by commenting pro or con.

In Biden’s green new world

In Biden’s green new world

Non compliance is the answer.

Gun control? Fact!

Gun control? Fact!

You don’t make anyone safer by disarming the law abiding citizen. To the contrary everyone is less safe because the criminal is still armed and the unarmed are now a less threatening if not a non threatening prey. Think, don’t blindly believe what the gun controllers tell you. There is a reason government and others want you unarmed and it has nothing to do with you or your children’s safety.

government and problems

Government and problems

You (you, I, we, they) created and voted in this government. Our government creates the problem, you turn to the same government to solve the problem, they make the problem worse. That is how it works. Put the most college educated politician or life long government bureaucrat out in the real world with Joe the life long laborer and depend on your 1 choice to survive it better be Joe.