The Vortex — Biden Blowing Up _ Church Militant (Video)

The Vortex — Biden Blowing Up _ Church Militant

boudica us Published December 25, 2021

RumbleIt is now exactly 321 days until the 2022 midterm elections, and while the average American likely isn’t thinking about this right now, you should be.

While a week is counted as an eternity in politics, much more 45 weeks (as we stand here today), Biden is crumbling, and the Democrats don’t seem to be able to do anything to stop it — or even slow it.

No matter what metric is measured, Biden is being hammered:

His mental competence — a majority believe he’s senile
His overall job approval — he’s underwater
His economic performance — Jimmy Carter scored better
Foreign policy performance — just as bad
He represents “my” views — less than a third
Country heading in the right direction — about 30%
His Build Back Better agenda — opposed by huge numbers

Heck, when asked a few days ago what Biden’s major foreign policy achievement was in his first year, Jen Psaki was caught totally off guard and couldn’t name one. She exited (stage left) pretty fast.

And of course, what’s waiting in the wings? Kamala Harris — who scores even lower than Biden.

These power-hungry creeps are in a major bind here.

The likes of Pelosi (and so forth) are so desperate to hold on to their power that they have never really permitted the farming up of their replacements. Unlike the Republican side of the aisle, where there is a veritable stable of young, fresh faces (not only ready to swarm Congress but also destroy establishment Republicanism), the Democrats have no such future contingencies. They’re old, worn out and on their way out. Read more