WHO Issues Critical Guidance Urging Children and Adolescents to Stop Getting Vaccinated Against

WHO Issues Critical Guidance Urging Children and Adolescents to Stop Getting Vaccinated Against…
In a stunning development, WHO issued an urgent bulletin yesterday advising that children and adolescents avoid Covid-19 ‘vaccinations’


BREAKING UPDATE, Sunday, June 27th: not only did WHO rescind a guidance that children should not get motivated based on political considerations, Biden, Fauci and the establishment writ large are now weaponizing the “delta variant” to stoke fears and manufacture “vaccine” consent. Read the full story here.

Update: June 22nd, this article has been revised as of 8:05 PM EST after the World Health Organization literally sanitized their website to erase any mention of a guidance that they issued on June 3rd (this is WHO’s archived page that contains the version they deleted) concerning the “vaccination” of children and adolescents for Covid-19. Up until an hour ago, WHO’s position was that children should not get “vaccinated” because, in their words, “there is not yet enough evidence on the use of vaccines against COVID-19 in children to make recommendations for children to be vaccinated against COVID-19”. 

It is beyond breathtaking that a renowned global institution, with the status and name recognition of WHO, would stoop so low as to rescind a guidance that was made by public health officials within the organization to protect children from  “vaccines” that are clearly unsafe. Given the rash of children and young adults who are developing debilitating and potentially life long ailments like myocarditis, blood clots and even death, WHO’s actions are downright criminal. 

What WHO did today by issuing a warning that children should not get “vaccinated” and then expunging it is even worse than not acknowledging the perils of these experimental boosters that are being pumped into the arms of billions of people around the world. Ghion Journal read more