Hershel Walker the former Georgia Bulldog Running Back is Running for the United States Senate in Georgia.

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

August 25th, 2021

Had Hershel Walker not left Georgia to play for Donald Trumps team the New Jersey Generals expansion league team he would have been in the Hall already.

At 48 years of age he tried his hand at mixed martial arts and won ever bout he appeared

Perhaps he decided at that age it would be better to use his head for something more useful than having the opposition try to kick his head in during every bout.

How great of a running back was he at Georgia? You Decide.

When he left Georgia at 18 to join the Generals, the NFL had a rule that prohibited him from playing in the NFL

Combined Stats for the NFL Teams he played.

He will have President Trumps support and it would be difficult to conjure that a man of his accomplishments and speaking ability won’t be…

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