Thirteen more “U.S. Marines Killed Today” While Attempting to Rescue All in Harms Way

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

August, 26th, 2021

Thirteen more Marines or special operators were also killed as well today

To get the facts, they are sparse.

I saw two videos today announcing the 13 deaths, before I could grab they they were gone.

Not to worry, Had I put them up they would have been taken down.

U.S. Marine watches a U.S. Contractor fire a HE fragmentation round from the RPG-7 rocket-propelled grenade launcher in a wadi near Kunduz, Afghanistan.

[Note the emphasis on the word “Contractor,” above]

We will be hearing more about this in the next week even though the leftist media in the U.S. is trying to suppress it as it doesn’t fit with their or the administrations agenda.

Well what do you know, gone but not forgotten.

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