Dr. Zelenko issues chilling warning: ‘They are getting ready to go full totalitarian’


In the final week of 2021, Nobel prize-nominee Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, MD, whose Zelenko protocols have no doubt saved tens of thousands of lives, posted an urgent video with a “call to action.”

In this video, Zelenko warns about the desperation point at which the globalist elites who are pushing the two-year-old propaganda campaign have arrived.

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4 thoughts on “Dr. Zelenko issues chilling warning: ‘They are getting ready to go full totalitarian’

  1. Many dont realize that professions are similiar in all lands. Electricians will be alike in all lands to a large degree. Nurses or plumbers or teachers are alike saving unique personsl variations. Each group has a culture that transcends nations. Likewise, government people are a group culture. This is how the government is enemy of the citizrns and how governments have become one group against all. Today the govt of usa, most of europe, israel etc is really one single evil group under satan. They as ungodly people think they are really in contact with space aliens which are really the nephalim fallen angels. Is not sports and hollywood figures like gods to the secular masses? Satan wanted worship of these folks as it took them away from worship of God. But now as satan as antichrist soon takes full rule, satan wants worship of athletes and stars to cease as all worship must be for satan only. Hense the kill off now of all athletes underway.
    Also the jabbing (the mark) precedes antichrist rule as he only has 42 months and wants it done for full control when he take total control. He isnt going to waste his whole 42 months jabbing but wants it done prior. Once reigning he will go after remnant hold outs in fury rage.
    But do not think the news will report, today antichrist took office. The antichrist reign of 42 months will start and few will even know it is him.
    People actually think the mark will be called, the mark, as brainwashed by silly christian movies. Trump called the mark in 2017 a personal biometric identity and that went over most heads.he gave the criteria that meant in the body snd cant be some card. Now the mark is called the jab or the vax.movies and shallow kniwkedg


  2. Movies and shallow pastor bible understanding and false rapture timing doctrines has got masses deceived.
    Final note; Wisdom is from God. We must sincerely ask for it and wisdom is received. And God does not give one general wisdom in all things like a blank check. But wisdom must be asked for on each new thing coming our way. God likes us to come to him often.
    The only reason som


  3. The only reason some of us are not deceived is solely due to God not putting blindness upon us and moving our hearts to truth. All credit is to God in Christ Jesus.


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