Dems are Engaged in a Double Power-Grab of Trying to End the Filibuster and Enact a Federal Takeover of US Elections

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But you ought to ask all 50 of them, every single one of the Democrats: Do you agree with Chuck Schumer [that] ending the filibuster is ‘doomsday for democracy’? And if not, why? Is it just that your team is the one that can’t get their way? Now it’s your side that wants to change the rules midstream. Now it’s your side that if you don’t get your way you change the rules. Was Joe Biden lying in 2019? Was Senator Schumer lying in 2005? I don’t know your ask them…. “I cannot think of another time when a senator has voted for something that he is called ‘doomsday for democracy.’ That’s not just a little hypocritical. And by the way, all the Democrats agreed with it. They were all standing shoulder to shoulder in 2005. When Senator Schumer said this, he was either lying or telling the truth…

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