The Russian Empire Just Being The Russian Empire: 800s to Present

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On se flatterait en vain de connaitre la Russie actuelle, si l’on ne remontait plus haut dans son histoire.”—Le Pere Pierling (One cannot understand Russia today, without going far back in its past [1])

The Russian government is actually right. They shouldn’t really be compared to Nazi Germany, except economically. But, rather to their own land-grabbing, genocidal imperialist history. Nazi Germany only existed from 1933 to 1945, whereas Russia’s imperialist conquest-land grabs and genocides stretch far back in history over more than a thousand years, since the mid 800s, when they were founded as a Viking state. When the Russian government whines and complains about Europe, they need only look in the mirror. They are a European imperialist state from start to finish, though without democratic traditions. On the other hand, from an economic perspective, Russia is a strange mix of government owned companies and monopoly capitalism, which…

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2 thoughts on “The Russian Empire Just Being The Russian Empire: 800s to Present

  1. What here is true. Russia is a colonial power still sitting upon many nations. And so is america and germanic tribes n europe sitting upon nations. The czars did this and commies continued it. But ist russian kingdom was kingdom of novogorod near finland as ethnic russians are scandnavians. The vikings came and built forts called kremlins in moscow, kiev etc. Christian missionaries created the russian cryilac alphabet so their well expressive spoken language could be read so bibles could be spread. Russians are very intelligent people but have never known real freedom. While they conquer, they are also threatened on all sides so mentality is subdue or be subdued.
    What must be known in balance is kerensky toppled the czar and set up russian constutional republic modeled after usa. It was a great new free russia for all. But the usa funded stalin in switzerland and trotsky in n.y. and lenin to topple kerensky and put in bolshevik commies. Kerensky was anti colonialism and the west didnt like that and the west feared russia would make peace with germany so america made russia commie. The ussr was made in usa.
    There is so much more but just wanted to add some balance


  2. To add; kerensky toppled czar royal family and locked them in prison. The commies toppled kerensky 9 months later and killed the royal family.


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