For A Time Such As This: A Look At Biblical Prophecy

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Even though I am a Bible School graduate (then-1984 RHEMA Bible Training Center. Now-2022 RHEMA Bible Training College), Biblical prophecy was not my focus. I know enough to be a prophetic-dabbler. For some (if not many), that is knowing enough to be dangerous in misunderstanding.

I share my early Bible education because I ran into a post on Salvation And Survivalthat has a Gog-Magog/Russia-China theme I found interesting but hardly can give it the stamp of approval as an expert – BECAUSE I ain’t an expert, but only a dangerous dabbler. I’ll let you experts evaluate the thoughts I found interesting.

JRH 3/3/22

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For A Time Such As This: A Look At Biblical Prophecy

Look At Biblical Prophecy

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1 thought on “For A Time Such As This: A Look At Biblical Prophecy

  1. Special thanks for the Gog-Magog post. My inner voice has been telling me off and on for days, like never before, to study Gog-Magog. But, the other things that I had read were sleep inducing and complex. This proves that when God has a point to get across and one doesn’t listen, he finds other means. I wanted to post this comment on the original blog but Word Press won’t let me. I learned from the other Gog-Magog posts too.


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