But What Does It Actually DO?

The Lone Cactus

Joe Biden on Tuesday decided to finally stop bringing in Russian energy to the United States. It was a move that had been proposed long ago by both parties in Congress. And it was a sticking point in the State of the Union address a little more than a week ago.

But what does banning Russian energy actually do to the country?

First and foremost it is going to raise gas prices for you and me. With gasoline already at an all-time high, Biden’s decision is going to exacerbate that problem. It’s a problem that will harm him long-term, but short-term will kill his party’s chances of maintaining control of Congress for the second half of his term.

And while Biden’s plan is a typical Democrat strategy (it doesn’t actually accomplish much, but it makes you feel good), it really isn’t going to hurt Russia in the long run. The…

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