Oh, You’re Going To Feel It All Right…

The Lone Cactus

The Senate passed their “Inflation Reduction” Bill yesterday in the Senate. It now goes to the House where they will vote on it as soon as they get back from their summer recess on Friday. It wasn’t nearly what Biden wanted originally, but he’ll be happy to take any win in a year and a half of total discontent.

And you’re going to be the ones paying for it.

It’s name “inflation reduction”, but 230 economists have said, “No, it will increase inflation in the long term. In fact, inflation won’t start to come down until probably sometime in 2024, possibly after the presidential elections!” They have indicated that there will be a tax increase, which anyone with a brain knew was coming. You don’t go $32 Trillion in debt, and not expect a tax increase of some sort. And it will indeed hit the middle class. In fact, if…

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