Watch Australian Activist’s Emergency SOS To World That Got Him Arrested … The Death of Australia; The Unraveling of Western Civilization

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

THE signs of the collapse of western civilization are everywhere — some of which are subtle, while others are glaring like neon flashing signs. Besides, every student of history — as opposed to the revisionist kind via historicism — recognizes this is the case. Indeed, not a single civilization has survived for time immemorial.

THE pressing questions are: will this generation be the one to stand idly by, that is, while western autocrats ensure that the “great/global reset” devours liberty and individualism? If so, how much more time does western civilization have left before its eventual disintegration? If not, what are liberty seekers planning to do about it? Know this: there is no middle ground. It is an all or nothing struggle to the death.

IN this regard, a prima facie exhibit to the above clarion call can be found within the below SOS on…

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