Kristallnacht, USA: August 8, 2022

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

Trump following Mar-O-Lago raid

BUT for the fact that Kristallnacht happened in Germany and specifically targeted Jews (alongside other “undesirables”), it was the deployment of Hitler’s National/Federal SS paramilitary goon squads that started the killing and the genocidal onslaught. Not only that, institutionalized/cultural pre-war Germany was seen as a “model” of enlightened democratic norms and sophistication — catching a preponderance of Hitler’s targets off-balance, hence, trapped. Sound familiar?

IN other words, until President Trump’s righteous ascendancy (despite countless poison darts lobbed from the moment he announced his candidacy, unabated, reaching this week’s climactic raid, that is, a very dark moment in time), the Clinton-Obama crime machines  worked furiously to block his way, albeit, in the shadows. The dark. No longer. With the electoral steal pulled off, they became emboldened to an unprecedented degree. Going for broke.

STILL, it remains to be seen if millions upon millions of patriots have the…

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